Currently I’m finishing my computer science studies with focus on security software engineering.

I’m particularly interested in communication protocols and network & system programming as well as privacy enhancing technologies such as applied cryptography, distributed or anonymity systems. I have experience in imperative, object-oriented and pure functional programming languages. The world of data analysis and classification is just beginning to fascinate me, I am eager to deepen my understanding of this topic.

During my studies, I work on a TLS 1.3 stack implementation in C on an existing software product. This protocol and its various applications have interested me for years.

Before my CS studies I worked for several years as a security engineer in the field of network, web and email security. During this time I had the technical project lead in various customer projects. Since 2018 I teach applied computer security at a college of higher education during evening classes.

Occasionally I write articles for the NPO Digitale Gesellschaft, but mainly I focus on the privacy services we publicly provide.